Contract purpose

This Smart Contract keeps track of a person's past jobs. The details about former employers and th working period is recorded and, when needed, these details can be shared with future employers.

Contract parameters

name: the name of the employee (contract creator)

Exposed methods and variables

employeeAddress the ethereum address of the employee given as parameter at contract creation

addEmployer called by the contract owner when he wants to add a new entry to the list

parameter nametypedetails
_namestringthe name of the employer/company
_countrystringthe country where the job was completed
_durationintegerthe duration in month of the employment (if it is the current job, the duration can be updated later)
_startTimestringthe date when the job started (MM-DD-YYYY)
_endTimestringthe date when the job ended (MM-DD-YYYY), left empty for the current job

getCurrentEmployer returns the details about the current employer of the person (based on the asumption that the current job has no endTime yet)

endCurrentJob called by contract owner to update the duration and edTime of his current job in case it ended

parameter nametypedetails
_endTimestringthe date when the current job has ended (MM-DD-YYYY)
_durationstringthe duration in month of this job

getNrOfEmployers returns the number of former employers the person had

getEmployerDetails returns the details of a particular employer

parameter nametypedetails
indexintegerthe unique identifier of the employer
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