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Modex, the blockchain database company, won the Technological Innovation category at the thirteenth edition of the CCIFER Gala, thus further solidifying its position as one of the key blockchain actors from the world while demonstrating the potential and the real-world value of its latest project – Modex Blockchain Database.

The CCIFER Gala is an event marked by excellence and prestige, which annually celebrates the achievements of the members and partners of the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania as well as the strength of the economic partnership between Romania and France.

The highly anticipated thirteenth edition of the CCIFER Gala took place on September 20, 2019, and was attended by key figures such as her Excellency Michele Ramis, the Ambassador of France in Romania, Radu Florescu, Coordinator of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Coalition for the Development of Romania and Dacian Cioloș, President of the European Renew Europe Political Group.

This year, two of the three categories of the competition, Innovation in Technology and Entrepreneurship were open to non-CCIFER companies. The third category is Social Responsibility. During this edition, the competition saw a total of 39 registered projects, respectively 16 in the category of Social Responsibility, 8 in the category of Entrepreneurship and 15 in the category of Technological Innovation. The jury also awarded the Coup de Coeur Award.


“Why do we organize these awards? Companies and associations are proud of their projects and are proud to present them. Even for us, at the Chamber level, it is an opportunity to identify and promote both business excellence and performance, innovation. (…) Any company that has an interesting project could enter the competition. Many of the entrepreneurs who have submitted their files in the past years and have reached the final stages have told us that it is an ideal launching pad for them. The fact that they won a prize at the gala allowed them enough exposure to launch their business and identify new investors.” – Monica Jiman, CCSO Pentalog Europe and Asia, chair of the jury of the CCIFER 2019 Awards.

The Technological Innovation Award is awarded to Romanian companies which develop projects with international coverage which propose an improvement within any field of activity.

During the award ceremony, François Coste, President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania stated that “The CCIFER awards we award tonight are a means of recognizing the importance that our members play in entrepreneurship, innovation and social responsibility. I thank the jury and its President, Monica Jiman, and I congratulate the 39 companies that have submitted files in the competition, proud of their success and eager to share their experience within a community that encourages and supports them.”

The jury of the CCIFER Awards 2019 was composed of:

  • Monica Jiman – Jury President, Member of the CCIFER Executive Board, CCSO Pentalog Europe & Asia
  • Ruxandra Creoșteanu – Winner of the CCIFER 2018 Entrepreneurship Award, Co-CEO Nod Makerspace
  • Serge Gonvers – Member of the CCIFER executive office, RSM Partner Romania
  • Adela Jansen – Member of the CCIFER executive office, HR BRD executive director – Société Générale Group
  • Guillaume Leurent – Member of the CCIFER Executive Office, Deputy Industrial Montaj Director
  • Yves Martin – Member of the CCIFER Board of Directors, Chief Marketing Officer Orange Romania
  • Sorin Pâslaru – Editor, Ziarul Financiar
  • Frédéric Romand – Member of the CCIFER Board of Directors, Business Performance Services Manager, KPMG
  • Andreea Toroiman – CCIFER Project Manager

Modex at the CCIFER Gala

Modex won the prestigious Technological Innovation Award with its latest project, Modex BCDB, a software product designed to assist enterprise companies in developing and deploying blockchain software applications as quickly as possible. As a technical solution, Modex BCDB is a middleware software that is placed between the client’s software application and their database, which connects to a blockchain network through minimal changes.

During the cheers and applauses of the award ceremony, Alin Iftemi, Head of Modex, took the opportunity to thank the jury for recognizing the value of Modex BCDB, stating “We have come a long way since we first embarked on this journey and I wish to thank the members of the jury for recognizing our hard work, and our investors for believing and supporting our project. This award symbolizes the fact that society and companies are getting ready to embrace the power of blockchain technology, and we wish to do our part and facilitate the transition process”.


Founded in 1996, CCIFER is a business community committed to the sustainable development of individuals and companies in Romania. CCIFER brings together over 550 French and Romanian companies united around common values and convergent interests. Members of the organization represent 15% of Romania’s GDP and more than 125,000 jobs spread over several sectors of activity that make up the local economy.

The main objective of CCIFER is to facilitate contacts between member companies and members of other companies in order to enable them to identify opportunities to work together. Its vocation is to animate the Franco-Romanian business community and to accompany French or Romanian companies in their international development. The CCIFER expresses a common position of the member companies and the French investors in Romania in the dialogue with public authorities.