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The 4th edition of JSHacks hackathon takes place at TechHub Bucharest between 25-27th October, with more than 70 participants expected to take part. Organized by the Romanian JavaScript community with Modex as the main sponsor, this edition focuses on education, encouraging participants to develop innovative solutions to solve the problems education faces in Romania. 

Education has a broad spectrum of areas where it can be improved and innovated, so it’s up to you to change the future through education. JSHacks organizers have some ideas on where change might be needed: Digital literacy, Personalized learning, Alternatives to grading, Alternatives to traditional school, Robotics / Coding, Adaptive learning algorithms, Mobile learning, Game-based learning, Team learning.

Solve the Modex challenge

This year, Modex is challenging one team to take on a special project called “Educational Portal”, which includes an online grade catalog, a portal for parents and professors, homework, schedule and help for students. The team which develops the best solution and solves this challenge will benefit from all Modex infrastructure and blockchain DB, as well as future mentorship and incubation at Modex HQ to develop this into a fully-fledged startup.


About JSHacks

JSHacks is the annual JavaScript hackathon organized by developers for developers, dedicated (but not limited) to all those passionate about JavaScript and innovation. By organizing JSHacks across multiple locations in Romania (and abroad), the people behind the project increase the potential of attracting some of the brightest and talented specialists in the region. Besides Modex, the blockchain database company, JSHacks is backed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science – Bucharest and NGOs from the education sector such as Rosedu, Codette and Ardor Muntenia.

About Modex

Modex, the blockchain database company, is promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and strongly believes in a future built around blockchain. Modex offers fully integrated services designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of the blockchain and aims to make blockchain user-friendly for every single device or person. At Modex, we can innovate thanks to our incredible team of experts and we offer services for the entire blockchain technology ecosystem: Marketplace for Smart Contracts, community tools for developers and blockchain as database services for enterprises.

In over two years, using cutting-edge technologies and with a clear strategy, Modex has evolved from the world’s first app store for blockchain into a complex ecosystem designed for developers’ needs and enterprises looking for blockchain solutions. Our mission is to spread and facilitate the adoption of blockchain into society and to solve real-world problems using this revolutionary technology.