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October 8th, 2020 marks the beginning of the first blockchain academic courses in Romania. The result of a scientific research and educational partnership signed earlier this year between Modex and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, the course aims to give students the opportunity to study blockchain technology under the tutelage of Modex experts.

“The Protection of information in e-systems” course is incorporated in the “Management and information protection (MPI)” Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. At the moment of writing, there are currently 35 students enrolled in the new course.

The blockchain curriculum was developed under the guidance of Alin Iftemi, Managing Director & Modex Co-founder, who is trading his casual business attire to don the teacher’s robe as he will impart his extensive tech and blockchain background to help students take their first steps in this exciting branch of technology. Organized as an online weekly course, the blockchain course takes place every Thursday from 18:00 to 22:00 for a span of 14 weeks (12 weeks of courses and two weeks during which students need to prepare their final project).

“The new blockchain curriculum is structured in 12 lectures which are designed to take a step by step approach to the technology and new concepts. Students will learn that blockchain is an amalgamation of multiple technologies that work in tandem to deliver a suite of unique benefits and features like data immutability, traceability, and distribution. The curriculum is designed to help students decipher how existing technology comes together to deliver a new type of data infrastructure that puts ownership and control over the data back in the hands of its true owners. Of course, results are determined by how technology is implemented, blockchain is no exception… I’ll do my best to help students enrolled in the course to build a solid understanding of the core technologies and concepts that lay at the foundation of blockchain. To be perfectly honest, this course will be a learning experience not only for students but also for myself”, stated Alin Iftemi, Managing Director and Co-founder Modex.

Taking a somewhat different approach than a traditional technology-focused course, the new blockchain curricula will cover, besides the technical information and concepts, a comprehensive analysis of the real-life applicability of the technology in the business and enterprise sectors. By understanding how blockchain manages to deliver its unique set of features and characteristics students will uncover how blockchain can be used to streamline operations and protect data records from a wide range of disruptive cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.

Near the end of the course, students will be introduced to Modex Blockchain Database in order to understand that blockchain can be used to complement existing IT infrastructures and unlock new business and technological propositions for legacy systems, without requiring a complete infrastructure overhaul.

“We are thrilled to have established this partnership between the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science and Modex, a partnership that will bring blockchain technology closer to students. Therefore, we are extending the educational offer at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science by also including blockchain courses. Currently, this technology is being widely adopted by all industry sectors and enjoys an increasing popularity. Many European Union states have started initiatives in this regard, and the IT giants are already offering blockchain solutions to their clients. The potential is huge and the demand for blockchain specialists will be high”, stated Mihnea Moisescu, Dean of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science.

“The new course curriculum has been aligned to the market’s future requests and we are contributing to the European objective of developing a unitary approach towards the business segment when it comes to blockchain technology. This will be the first blockchain course held at a university from Romania. We want to encourage students to develop patterns of innovative applications by using blockchain technology and we are convinced that, by forming blockchain engineers, the impact on the economic sector will be stronger, as well as the chances of raising funds for the development of this technology”, added Alexandra Cernian, Lector at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science and coordinator of this partnership.

As a global company that has the tech core team located in Romania, the new course developed by Modex and the most prestigious academic entity when it comes to information technology research and development, the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, is part of the CSR campaign in the academic environment. 

“We perceive the blockchain course as a way of sparking interest in the technology and building a strong community of tech enthusiasts that will propagate further innovation in the near future. To help stimulate development in this area, Modex will organize events and educational workshops, keynotes, and hackathons where students will develop blockchain-based solutions under the guidance of our team of experts”, added Alin Iftemi.