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On September 16th, government representatives and experts in education and technology will reunite for Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning, a virtual workshop organized by Microsoft.

Representing Modex at the event will be Dan Popescu, Head of the Research & Development department, who will participate in the third panel discussion of the workshop – Technologies of the future and their applicability in Education: skilling and process automation (Blockchain, RPA, Chatbot), alongside Margareta Chesaru (Public Affairs Manager at UiPath) and Andreea Pleșea (Chief Revenue Officer, DRUID). The panel will be moderated by Sergiu Pop, Partner Specialist at Microsoft Romania.

The COVID pandemic has acted as a major disruptor across every sector of society, revealing at the same a series of key areas that are lagging behind and in dire need of a digital overhaul.

One of these areas and the main topic of discussion at the workshop organized by Microsoft is education and how actors from the technology, government and education fields can join forces to analyze in detail the perspectives on the future of the education system, and the opportunities we have in front of us. 2020 highlighted the fact that without a robust and versatile tech infrastructure student-teacher communication, distance-learning or a hybrid model cannot be implemented effectively which has a negative impact on the learning process that can affect the future of students.

Discussions will focus on:

  • Which steps to take in moving from disruption to transition and towards reimagining learning
  • How to enhance ‘digital literacy’ to prepare students for the ‘future of work’
  • How to best incorporate technologies of the future to create an agile and innovative learning system.

Modex has a strong track record concerning its initiatives in education, being among the first tech companies to take initiative and push for the introduction of courses and curricula focused on blockchain technology. The experts from Modex strongly believe that blockchain will play an essential role in the future, so it has already begun training the next generation of business specialists fluent in blockchain and capable of implementing this technology in various use cases. So far, Modex has taught the concepts of blockchain to children as young as eight years old and university students.

Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning will be attended by rectors and representatives of renowned universities and colleges in Romania, such as Babeș-Bolyai University, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest, UMFST Târgu-Mureș, Brukenthal National College from Sibiu and Emanuil Gojdu National College from Oradea. Representatives of the EOS Romania Foundation will also be present, as well as partners of Microsoft Romania who support educational institutions to adapt to the digital age, such as UiPath, Modex, Net Brinel and DRUID.