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Modex is proud to be a partner of Executive Blockchain Laboratory, a program organized by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest. Scheduled to debut in May, this program has been designed for Executives of the business world, academics, entrepreneurs and government officials in quest of a deeper knowledge of blockchain. The courses will be conducted in English and will be accredited by the ANC – National Qualifications Authority of Romania.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to integrate blockchain into your business plan or you are an industry representative in retail or finance who wants to understand the current and future developments of this new and emerging technology, this program will be relevant for your personal growth or the growth of your business. If you’re working directly within the strategic, operational, or managerial function, this program will bring you the knowledge necessary to discover opportunities for efficiency and innovation using blockchain technology.

The Executive Online Course consists of 8 lessons of 3 hours each and will be held twice in 2020, as follows: EBCL 1 between May and June, EBCL 2 between October and November. The course will focus on topics such as: researching and securing the foundational protocol layer, creating new knowledge to benefit the ecosystem behind the economy of things; developing production-ready software for the community, partners and ecosystem to use and expand upon; educating and promoting technologies and use cases for new generations; standardizing and ensuring the maturity and widespread adoption of the economy of things. The courses will be held by professionals from national and international institutions and companies with excellence in the field of blockchain technology.

The participants will have the privilege to enhance their knowledge about blockchain technology and its advantages, but also about the Internet of Things from university and industry experts who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge throughout the program. Upon successful completion of the program, ICI Bucharest Department of Executive Blockchain Laboratory grants a verified and authorized digital certificate of completion to participants. Participation diplomas can be received in digital format at the e-mail address specified by the participant and / or can be sent in physical form by courier.

Program modules

This online program integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities as well as traditional didactic such as written study guides (case books). Starting with the fundamentals of what blockchain technology is, this program takes participants on a journey through many different applications of blockchain and what the future holds for this technology. There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums.


WEEK 1 | 3h – Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

WEEK 2 | 3h – Blockchain Mechanisms for Architecting Business and Information Technology

WEEK 3 | 3h – Application of Blockchain technology to Boost Cybersecurity


Theoretical and applied course in Technical and Business scenarios of Blockchain technology by using BCDB solution, a Modex product. Optional visit to Modex headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.

• WEEK 4 | 3h

– PART 1 | 1,5h – Blockchain technology fundamentals in TECH software development

– PART 2 | 1,5h BCDB solution applied in TECH software development

• WEEK 5 | 3h

– PART 1 | 1,5h – Blockchain technology fundamentals in BUSINESS solutions development

– PART 2 | 1,5h BCDB solution applied in BUSINESS solutions development


• WEEK 6 | 3h

– PART 1 | 1,5h – Introduction to Blockchain technology in the Supply Chain industry

– PART 2 | 1,5h TAILPATH Blockchain solutions for Supply Chain business development


• WEEK 7 | 3h

– PART 1 | 1,5h – Introduction to high end compliance Decision Support Systems with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

– PART 2 | 1,5h – Demonstration on TOP EASE – Decision Support System solution


WEEK 8 | 3h – Introduction to Token Economy of the Future Digital Ecosystems