Modex Secure Device Tracking

Integrated data management solution for multi-terminal ecosystems

Challenges in today’s log management

An organization’s logs provide needed information when dealing with integrity, security, and access. But often times, a proper logging strategy is compromised in the collection process: alerts can be turned off (accidentally or intentionally), devices can be added or removed from the log-collecting process or information can be simply lost due to poor overall strategy.

Then, logs may be difficult to navigate: their size is always increasing, which can cause storage cost challenges.

Access may be too broad, which can compromise the integrity of the data. Occasionally, additional challenges are found in the limitations of applications. Finally, there can be disagreement on how long to keep records.


Product overview

Modex SDT is a blockchain enabled software, designed to enhance the technical capabilities of any organization that handles sensitive data collected from the organization’s terminals.

Blockchain Backed

Modex Secure Device Tracking solution uses blockchain technology to guarantee data integrity and immutability and allow data reconstruction, high availability, and granular control of data records. The solution can be used to collect, process, broadcast, analyse and share data related to vulnerabilities, threats or events, including incident notifications. This will improve an organization’s capacity to cooperate and share information both with their own teams and members as well as with third parties.


The solution helps organizations collect and share data securely in a customizable way from all its terminals as well as scale up and customize the monitoring of each terminal. Once data is collected accordingly, based on pre-set rules, the Client can use the AI&ML-enabled custom reports mechanisms to gain valuable insights into their organization’s logs, communications, and work flow, but also react quickly to incidents, and improve internal collaboration and communication.

Blockchain Benefits

The blockchain back-end eliminates the risk of internal or external record tampering or attempts to change system configurations, as the entire record history is stored in the blockchain. Distributing data on multiple nodes also eliminates the single point of failure, which makes rapid data recovery possible in cases of data loss, regardless of its cause.

When logs collected from terminals are stored on a blockchain-based platform, they become fully auditable, allowing rapid evaluation of the internal data management and security mechanisms inside the organization. Furthermore, management can be alerted in real-time regarding inappropriate conduct or external threats, guaranteeing system integrity and optimizing response times.

Reports and Insights

The operational interface which is available to the Client offers a wide range of instruments to manage, monitor, control, customize, and interpret the organization’s terminals.

The interface provides an overview of all devices in operation, allowing clients to configure the network of terminals, activate and deactivate devices, confirm and configure access permissions between terminals to share data, enable real time tracking, and define alerts. This allows the Client to determine if, when, and how interventions of any kind are needed on terminals and whether these interventions can be carried out through the application or using another software solution.

Also, it offers the Admin valuable insights presented as reports, graphics, histograms, line graphs, pie charts – generated based on data collected from connected devices, using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that generate reports or predict certain behaviors. By analyzing the results of the collected data (technical and behavioral logs) submitted from the terminals, but also the patterns determined by certain behavioral anomalies, the Client can get valuable actionable insights.