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Between 24-26 October, Iasi (Romania) hosts the 4th edition of “Youth Summit”, sponsored by BCR. More than 500 students will take part. Modex, the blockchain database company, part of InnovX Business Accelerator, will be represented by the Software Lead, Loredana Bourceanu, and Dorin Stan – Community Manager. These two wonderful tech specialists will hold a workshop meant to familiarize students with blockchain and the advantages of this revolutionary technology.

With the tagline “Imagine! Believe! Disrupt”, the event is structured around four main themes aimed to create the perfect context so that Romanian youth can better understand the importance of their involvement in the country’s future and in the way Romania should grow as a nation: The future of jobs, Young cities, Democracy – now and tomorrow, Young people and the eco and climate crisis.

The event will feature several workshops, attended by 25-50 students, depending on the topics discussed. “Youth Summit” will also include a panel with start-ups from Accelerator Indexar, Noteb and WiseWoice. The topic of the panel: “The future of jobs – how should young people prepare for the jobs of tomorrow”. The panel will be followed by a Q&A session so that students can learn more about the issues they are interested in and get good insights from professionals.

Don’t miss the workshop held by Modex!

Modex strongly believes in educating people, students and young entrepreneurs about blockchain, about the advantages and the ways in which it can transform our lives and several industries for the better. With this in mind, our colleagues Loredana Bourceanu – Software Lead, and Dorin Stan – Community Manager, will hold a workshop aimed at familiarizing young people with blockchain technology. During the workshop, the following topics will be discussed: Blockchain – general concepts and applicable use cases; Modex BCDB (Blockchain Database) – features and advantages (time and cost-related) for enterprises; Demo healthcare on top of BCDB. The Modex workshop will end with a Q&A session.


The “Youth Summit” is organized by The Romanian Youth Council (CTR), PONT Group, The Cluj Youth Federation (FTC) and BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank), together with Iasi City Hall and The Federation of non-governmental youth organizations from Iasi. We’re looking forward to meeting you at the event!