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Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Co-founder Modex, who has recently won the “EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year In Technology” Award, has been included in EY’s Entrepreneurs Book alongside other visionaries, the bright minds behind game-changing ideas, innovative products and creative services meant to improve our lives.

The world’s largest international competition dedicated to entrepreneurs – EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year – which reunites some of the most valuable entrepreneurs on the global scale – has reached its 25th edition. At the same time, the “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Romania” has celebrated its 5th edition, being the only program which recognizes the people behind the country’s most successful businesses. This high-level competition awards the entrepreneurs for their vision and strategic thinking used to grow their businesses, for their power to innovate, their personal integrity and also for their positive impact on the community.

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Judging criteria

When selecting the best entrepreneurs in the world, judges take into account the following values: 

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: dedication, vision, calculated risks, capacity to overcome critial situations
  • Financial Perfomance: income, growth, other numbers which indicate the business’ self-sustain possibility in the long term
  • Strategic Thinking: creating and transforming a business vision into reality
  • Community Impact: creating an impact by generating new jobs and improving the community’s living standard
  • Innovation: developing new technologies and approaches, creating an organizational spirit based on innovation
  • Personal Integrity: living his / her own values by earning the respect of employees, competitors, family, advisors and the community
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EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year In Technology

Commenting on the award and on being included in EY’s Entrepreneurs Book, Mihai Ivascu stated: “I am honoured and humbled by this recognition, I couldn’t be happier. I believe that an entrepreneur should be a constructive mix of pure management and product vision. Personally, I’ve always been close to the product, I’ve enjoyed drawing products from A to Z, transforming ideas and concepts into reality.”

In a context where blockchain was considered a hard-to-understand technology and blockchain implementations were regarded as expensive to implement, Modex has democratized – through its products and services – access to blockchain technology. “Blockchain was like an expensive and hard-to-find vitamin, instead of being an aspirin”, adds Mihai. “Now, thanks to Modex’s offering, any developer or database administrator can implement this groundbreaking technology in just one hour.”

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About Modex

Modex offers a new trademark technology designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of blockchain. Our software solution aims to make blockchain technology user-friendly for every single organization or company. At Modex, we innovate thanks to our incredible team of experts, and by integrating cutting-edge technologies we evolved into a leading Blockchain Database provider offering real-time data protection, immutability, and data security for companies, institutions, and organizations.

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