MongoDB transfer

MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL rich document oriented-database, which uses basic commands such as query, filter data, delete, update, etc.

This technology is used to store data in flexible documents, which means fields can range from document to document, and data structure can be altered over time.

The document model maps to the objects in your app code, which allows working with it in an easy fashion. Indexing, ad-hoc queries and real-time aggregation represent great ways for accessing and analyzing data.

In essence, MongoDB is a distributed database, with high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution. If you want to keep all these advantages, but also obtain the highest levels of security, trust, and decentralization, using our MongoDB transfer to blockchain technology is the most suitable solution. This way, you can benefit from maximum security, while still working in a familiar and well set up interface.

mongodb transfer

Our MongoDB transfer to blockchain technology software app will allow you to work in the well known general-purpose, document-based, distributed database, with an added layer of security.

This way, modern app developers, in the cloud era, will become more productive. Modex offers you the safest and most effective MongoDB transfer solution, so you can keep your database up and running, but much safer from intruders.

MongoDB transfer will allow you to work on JSON like documents with schema, developed under the Server Side Public License (SSPL), without any fear of compromising data or losing it.

Blockchain technology is the safest that can exist out there at the moment, so this feels like the optimal solution for your database.

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