MySQL Server

MySQL Server is an SQL compliant server, meaning that it is a relational model database server.

The relational model is a method of organizing data in tables, where each table has a primary key (which is unique) and rows can relate to each other using that key. Being free, MySQL Server is a popular choice.

MySQL Server provides a database management system with connectivity and querying capabilities, as well as an excellent data structure and integration with a number of different platforms. MySQL Server is a fast and reliable solution for handling large databases in high-demanding production environments.

mysql server

This specific system includes a multiple-threaded SQL server that supports different backends, varied client programs and libraries, administrative tools, and many application programming interfaces (APIs).

In terms of security, MySQL uses a system based on access privilege and encrypted passwords that enables host-based verification. MySQL clients can connect to MySQL Server using several protocols, including TCP/IP sockets on any platform. MySQL also supports a number of client and utility programs, command-line programs and administration tools such as MySQL Workbench.