Oracle Database Security Encryption

Oracle Database Security Encryption is the process of securing information inside an Oracle Database through blockchain technology, which is the safest method available today.

Oracle Database, also stylized as Oracle RDBMS, is a proprietary multi-model database management system released by the American corporation with the same name.

It is normally used for running online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing (DW), as well as mixed database workloads (DW & OLTP).

The newest Oracle Database version is available both on-prem, as well as on-cloud and in a hybrid-cloud environment, which makes data security encryption a sensitive and problematic topic. However, our technology here at Modex allows us to securely encrypt any databases, including Oracle Database, by using blockchain technology, renowned for its effectiveness.

The blockchain security is so safe thanks to a number of mechanisms which include advanced cryptographic techniques, as well as mathematical models of behavior and decision-making.

oracle database security encryption

Oracle Database security encryption uses the same technology as most cryptocurrency systems out there that prevent the unauthorized duplication and destruction of digital money.

Because of its efficiency with Oracle Database security encryption, among others, the blockchain technology is used in other areas as well, for instance in data immutability. Recording and tracking charity donations, medical databases, and supply chain management are just a few examples.

Summing it up, if you want to still work in a familiar interface, such as Oracle Database, but you need an additional layer of protection, we recommend you choose our Oracle Database security encryption solution through blockchain technology. This way, your data, as well as your money will be kept safe.

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