Oracle Database Transfer

Oracle Database is a closed-source multi-model database management system commonly used for online transaction processing, data warehousing, and mixed database workloads.

While most database management systems are organized around a single data model that dictates how data can be stored, organized and manipulated, a multi-model database is designed to support multiple data models against a single, integrated backend.

Some examples of data models that may be supported by a multi-model database are: graph, document, relational, and key-value. In recent years, Oracle added many useful features to its system: Native Sharding, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, Exadata Cloud Service, Cloud at Customer, Polymorphic Table Functions, Active Directory Integration, Active Data Guard DML Redirection, Automatic Index Creation, Real-Time Statistics Maintenance, SQL Queries on Object Stores, and In-Memory for IoT Data Streams.

If your company uses an Oracle Database system and you wish to have all the benefits of blockchain technology, here you can find out how an Oracle database transfer is possible.

oracle database transfer

Choose an Oracle database transfer to:

  • ensure verification without depending on third-party software;
  • guarantee that your data cannot be altered or deleted;
  • ensure that your data cannot be lost;
  • guarantee transparent and secure transactions;
  • remove the risk of duplicate entry or fraud;
  • enjoy the full benefits of a decentralized database system.

Blockchain database technology is now available to every enterprise, so discover how an Oracle database transfer can help your company. Enjoy the latest and most secure technology in the business world!

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