Software for DB Transfer

There’s no denying that we live in a world where data has become more valuable than gold.

Due to this change in perception, enterprises are always seeking new methods to strengthen the security of their database as well as a way in which to improve how they manipulate data. Because of this, database transfer has become a sensitive topic for every enterprise, as any breach or data corruption could prove disastrous. Blockchain is a viable solution for improving database management and increase tamper resistance. The problem is that it is surprisingly difficult to integrate blockchain technology into an existing platform. Besides the complexity involved, the process would also attract significant costs and a long period of time for implementation.

Modex BCDB solution overcomes these issues with its software for database transfer, which allows developers to easily transfer a database to a blockchain framework.

software for database transfer

The migration tool does all the heavy lifting: it scans the database and passes the data through a hashing algorithm to produce a unique hash digest for each data record which is then uploaded to the blockchain to ensure immutability, integrity, and availability.

Our approach to handling data differs: no record is deleted and the whole structure is kept intact. The database migration is initiated only after minor changes are implemented on the client’s side. A minimally invasive approach brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to legacy systems where changes are difficult to implement. But by simply changing a few connectors, a legacy system will benefit from everything that blockchain has to offer.

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