SQL Database Transfer

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to communicate with a database. This is the standard language for relational database management systems and it can be used to perform tasks such as update data on a database or retrieve data from a database.

Some common relational database management systems that use this type of language are: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and Ingres.

Created in the 1970s, SQL has become a very important tool that allows accessing, updating, inserting, manipulating and modifying data. That is why we offer you full support in making an SQL database transfer to blockchain technology. This way, you will benefit from all the perks of blockchain (security, trust, decentralization) while still using a familiar interface.

A distributed database with access control might be exactly the detail that takes your business to the next step, so discover all the details on how we manage an SQL database transfer!

sql database transfer
  • If you would like a system that can replicate all data between copies of the same database managed by different users, consider an SQL database transfer!
  • If you would like to enjoy a secure system, but still keep an easy interface, opt for an SQL database transfer!
  • If you want the updates to automatically be replicated on other copies of the same database supported by other users, choose an SQL database transfer today!

Modex has made blockchain technology accessible to every enterprise, so find out here how you can make an SQL database transfer and enjoy the latest technology in business!

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