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Every challenging situation – like the coronavirus pandemic the world has been dealing with for the past few weeks – has its silver lining. While staying at home you can use the extra time to improve your C.V. and expertise. Register online as a student into Modex Academy and get your diploma for Blockchain Business Analyst.

Modex strongly believes in the power of education. We believe in changing people’s lives through technology and shaping the society we live in for the better. This has been one of the main reasons behind the launch of Modex Academy, another step that Modex took in order to contribute to the educational process and to promote the mainstream adoption of blockchain. For the past days or even weeks, many people have been staying at home after countries have imposed restrictions, trying to curb the expansion of the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’re passionate about blockchain, but didn’t have time to complete a dedicated course, the moment is now! Take the Modex Academy online course and become a Blockchain Business Analyst. Powered by Modex, the course helps students build a better understanding of blockchain technology and how it can impact the business sector and society as a whole. Those taking the course embark on a learning journey, where they are introduced gradually to key concepts of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and the complex processes that run in the background of this technology.

You can learn about the intricate history of blockchain and discover how it has evolved from its initial purpose of cryptocurrency enabler to a foundation for decentralized applications that hold the potential to increase productivity across multiple industry sectors and increase the overall quality of life. What makes this course stand out from others? It was purposely designed to target individuals with no background in programming, it has a step-by-step approach and it strives to make blockchain understandable for anyone. After completing the course, you will be able to analyze and determine how you can apply this technology to streamline operations and increase productivity in your business.

Finish the course and get your Modex Academy certification for free! Start here:

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Course overview

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Find out more about one of the most important technologies: blockchain technology, seen by many as the next big thing after the invention of the Internet. Why use blockchain, why has blockchain gained traction and what is the architecture of blockchain are some of the useful things you’ll learn in this chapter.

Chapter 2 – Cryptocurrency

Many of us know that cryptocurrencies made blockchain popular, but blockchain represents much more than that. Which are the advantages, as well as disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies? Which are the most important cryptocurrencies? How is the price of cryptocurrencies set? You’ll find all the answers in this chapter.

Chapter 3 – Mining

Modex Academy aims to teach students and business analysts the best practices for cryptocurrencies, like transactions and mining. A few topics that this chapter will focus on: What is blockchain mining? How many kinds of mining there are? And how to mine cryptocurrency?

Chapter 4 – Ethereum

Bitcoin or Ethereum? Do you know the main differences between these two? If not, you’ll learn about them in this chapter. Also, as we live in a digital age, it’s useful to know what Smart Contracts are and how can we benefit from them. Discover some use cases and understand more about this topic.

Chapter 5 – Introduction to Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

What exactly is an Initial Coin Offering? An ICO typically involves selling a new digital currency at a discount – or a “token” – as part of a way for a company to raise money. How to launch an ICO? What are the risks and the dangers associated with ICOs? This chapter has all the answers.