The MODEX Token

Designed as an enterprise blockchain enabling token, the MODEX Token is the governing currency of the Modex ecosystem.

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How to use the MODEX Token

The MODEX Token is the centrepiece of the Network
of Trust, the end result of our products.


Smart Contracts

Purchase Ethereum and BCDB Smart Contracts from our Modex Marketplace platform and deploy them to our network via a BCDB authorization network.

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Modex BCDB Benefits

Receive a 10% discount on any Modex BCDB license purchase or get our most coveted support, the Gold Package, payable only by MODEX Tokens.

Blockchain Network

The blockchain network which orchestrates a multi-tenant and multi-cloud SaaS service for our Modex BCDB authorization network is meant to cut costs for infrastructure, support and for the maintenance needed on a Modex BCDB authorization network. Earn MODEX Tokens while providing validators and archiver nodes for the blockchain network opened by us for our tenants.

Paper coming soon

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Modex Wallet

Welcome to your Modex Wallet! You can create one with just a few taps without having to choose a username, set a password or write a phrase to recover your forgotten login credentials. All you need is your phone number. It’s that simple.

The MODEX token will be further enhanced with new functionalities.

Fully decentralized, the Modex Wallet protects your stored funds and data thanks to blockchain technology, cutting-edge encryption techniques and the latest security protocols available on the market.

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Our company members share a common goal and constantly focus their skills, ideas and efforts in order to bring change into our society.





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