Traceability And Record History

In a traditional database system, users can perform the standard CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete), four basic functions of persistent storage that constitute the backbone for interacting with any database.

Both relational and non-relational database systems are designed to rely on the CRUD operations to enable basic interactivity. The problem with this approach is that database administrators or users with sufficient clearance can access and modify data entries. This is also available for malicious actors who manage to exploit a security vulnerability and gain access to the database which can lead to numerous problems such as data breaches, corruption and even complete loss of data.

Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) enables companies to strengthen their database security and enhance audit and reporting operations by facilitating information traceability and record history.


Blockchain differs from traditional databases because it is an append-only structure, which means that delete and update operations cannot be performed on existing data. As such, clients can configure the Modex BCDB system to store all the previous versions of the information in a separate table to simply reporting and audit operations. By default, the database will display the latest version of the information, but by accessing the record history, users can interact with older versions of the data and perform various operations including integrity checks and data analysis.

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Due to blockchain’s design, data traceability is available without configuring record history. This is because each data insert in a database has its hash stored in the blockchain network. Even a small modification to an input can drastically change the hash of the information. By comparing the two hashes, an admin can easily determine that the information has been tampered with. But because it is impossible to determine the initial input from the hash digest, they will not know exactly how the information was modified in the database. To ensure a higher level of security, traceability and record history should be configured by the system beneficiary.