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Modex, a blockchain company, together with BlockChainers, have organized Women for Blockchain, an event focused on providing an in-depth look at the stories of aspiring women in the tech space.

The event took place in Manchester on March 30th and focused on creating an interactive environment where attendees could get in touch with female leaders in the industry from all over the globe. The goal was to raise awareness on gender equality issues in the blockchain space and hopefully to attract more female students to this domain. Organized as a full day conference, Women for Blockchain included a set of comprehensive workshops which introduced participants to blockchain, illustrating core concepts of this technology while offering a detailed look at how blockchain can act as a disruptor in various industries and businesses.

A networking platform designed to inspire women

Women for Blockchain was designed as an environment which would inspire women across all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to connect with other females with similar interests and explore together the advantages and capabilities of blockchain technology. Designed as a networking platform, the event helped build a better understanding of how women can get involved in this expanding industry, while also giving them the opportunity to build a bond of solidarity with each other, uniting them to stand firm against unfair treatments and discriminatory practices at the workplace.

During the conference, the speakers provided a general overview of blockchain technology, focusing also on its beneficial impact on global issues such as energy consumption and sustainability. Discussions touched upon multiple practical use cases where blockchain can act as a disruptor and concluded with the idea that blockchain will eventually become the next framework for enterprise software.

Insights from the world of blockchain

The event was also attended by Loredana Bourceanu, software lead at Modex, and Alin Iftemi, CTO and Head of Modex. Our colleagues interacted with attendees, the majority of whom where students interested and eager to learn more about blockchain technology. In order to help them have a better understanding of the inner workings of blockchain, the students were introduced to the Modex Business Analyst course. Specially designed to familiarize a non-technical person with blockchain-related terms, the course takes a step by step approach and introduces the uninitiated to the fundamental principles of the technology, also illustrating how it can impact the business sector and society, on the whole.

Creating a Smart Contract at Modex Workshop

During the event, the Modex team also held a workshop “Creating a Smart Contract using the Modex Platform”. The goal was to immerse participants and showcase how they can use the innovative tools provided by the Modex platform to develop on the blockchain. The workshop debuted with an introduction to the platform, the tools as well as essential concepts of blockchain, the Ethereum network and Solidity, the go-to language for smart contract development. The last part of the workshop was focused on providing participants with hands-on experience by giving them the opportunity to develop, test and deploy a smart contract. Participants were very receptive, both to the theoretical part, as well as to the practical side, manifesting a keen interest and eagerness to learn more about blockchain and how it could be integrated into real life.

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