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MODEX Token Distribution Update

We are happy to announce that the MODEX tokens have been distributed over the past 48 hours to all the users who have filled in the withdraw Ethereum address.

If your tokens are not received yet, please make sure to fill in your Ethereum address in the Modex Contribution Platform, so that we know where to send them to you.

Distribution is underway for all the bounty hunters as well. We are really grateful to each one of you for all your support!

The official Modex smart contract address is listed here: 0x4bcea5e4d0f6ed53cf45e7a28febb2d3621d7438

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Stages of our ITO

Use of Funds

Secure KYC Procedure

1. Update Personal Data
Fill in all your personal information accurately. Click save and continue to the next step.
2. Upload KYC Documents
Select the type of document you would like to send for verification and upload a clear picture.
3. Request verification
You have successfully submitted your KYC verification request.

The full suite of blockchain tools in one place

Here's what we have achieved so far. Help us take the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace and the Unified Developers Environment to the next level!

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Our amazing team

Our team is made of professionals with high level experience in developing banking and financial software, formers from Oracle, Unisoft, Temenos, and Deloitte, as well as a committed and skilled team of marketing pros and successful startup entrepreneurs.

Mihai Ivascu

Chief Executive Officer

Florin Otto

Head of Product

Alin Iftemi

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Bolsom

Head of Business Development

Laura Manescu

Head of Development

Vali Malinoiu

Head of Blockchain Innovation

Cristian Barbuia

Chief Operations Officer

Vlad Luca

Art Director

Mihaela Becheru

Head of Communications

Robert Gherghe

Head of Content

Dragos Ilinca

Head of Marketing

Ioana Pacurar

Business Analyst

Teodor Stefan

Senior Copywriter

Cornel Zgardan

Blockchain Developer

Cristian Calu

Blockchain Developer

Dan Neacsu

Blockchain Developer

Adrian Paun

Front-End Developer

Iulian Cireasa

Quality Assurance Engineer

Dorin Stan

Blockchain Developer

Loredana Bourceanu

Blockchain Developer

Daniel Mihai

QA Security Expert

George Ionescu

System Architect

Andrei Acatrinei

Customer Service Representative

Serban Razvan Andrei

Business Analyst

Ioana Dobrescu

Business Development

Shane McQuillan

Head of Digital Content

George Popa


Endi Ungureanu

Business Analyst


Anthony Provasoli

Partner at Hassans’

Peter Kristensen

CEO at JP Funds

Angelique Mohring

Founder and CEO at GainX

Adrian Clarke

Former innovation director at Microsoft

Zsolt Lavotha

Founder & Executive Chairman of ZEL

Nelo Stotter

Financial advisor

Renny Narvaez

Senior development Manager at BNYM

Jack Busta

Experienced Sale Advisor

Scott Morris

Founder of Ithacash

Richard Skaife


David Applefield

Financial Times Special Representative

Lucas di Grassi

Brand Ambassador

Brian Scott-Picton

Senior Commercial Management Advisor

Paul Mears

Financial Advisor

Onur Bildik

Global Product Lead at Google

Brian Elders

CEO of CryptoIB

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