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Blockchain Development

Modex helps developers start building on top of the Ethereum Blockchain with everything they need in one single place.


DEV Platform

Host your code
Collaborate with others
Participate in bounties

Smart Contracts

Purchase and deploy off-the-shelf smart contracts from the Marketplace

Blockchain IDE

Build and test
Deploy and interact
Audit and pentest


Coming Soon: Plug and play infrastructure to deploy and host your DApps.

Our tools. Your World.

The Modex ecosystem helps developers, teams and businesses of all sizes get started on blockchain, providing the full set of tools needed to learn, create, test, deploy and sell smart contracts and DApps.

Monetise your development skills

Besides helping developers to get started with blockchain development, we offer them 3 avenues to monetise their skills.



Publish your work on Modex Marketplace and earn MODEX tokens for your sales


Build up your reputation on Modex and earn MODEX tokens for your clever solutions


Participate in on-line and off-line hackathons and solve the best challenges

Standard and custom
business solutions

With a variety of smart contracts to choose from, written some by the best developers from all over the world, Modex Marketplace is the best place to find the software product you need. On top of this, depending on the company size and need, one may require a full fledged custom solution which can be solved by posting a bounty or by contracting our inhouse custom solutions development team.

Off-the-shelf Smart Contracts

Startups and small businesses can choose and buy smart contracts from the extenise library available on our marketplace

Custom smart contracts & DApps

Modex helps businesses contracting custom development by posting a bounty which will be resolved by our community of developers

Tailored enterprise grade solutions

Depending on the company size and need, one may require a full fledged custom solution which can be contracted by our inhouse custom solutions development team

Learn and get certified

Widen your tech horizon with our blockchain knowledge and obtain Modex Academy certification for free! Curated by our experts, these courses will help you understand the foundation of blockchain technology and the opportunities it brings.

Knowledge Base

All the major terms related to blockchain explained in a very easy-to-follow manner


Learn today and enrich your blockchain knowledge so you can enjoy a brighter future

Exam Platform

Coming Soon: Prove your blockchain skills in an online exam and receive a Modex certification

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