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Transform the way data is stored, secured, and shared inside your business.

A lightweight enterprise middleware that connects legacy databases to a blockchain engine to ensure trust, security, and integrity for enterprise data.

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What is Blockchain Database?

Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) is a hybrid data storage system that combines standard database engines with blockchain frameworks to add unique custom-built functionalities that turn the technology into an effective tool in an enterprise context.

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Blockchain technology can be integrated into legacy data systems to enhance data integrity, make data sharing secure and streamline operations. Integration is flexible and aligns with the customer’s business objectives.


Enterprise IaaS

Easily set up a hybrid network that connects to a blockchain engine that best suits your needs. Create a network of nodes that can comprise different database engines and significantly cuts deployment time.


Click and Deploy

The blockchain database layer is deployed inside legacy data systems to enable a series of new functionalities. Once the network is configured based on your business needs, Modex helps you set up the infrastructure.

High-level Infrastructure

Modex BCDB is a middleware that connects your legacy data system to a blockchain engine. Business logic remains in the App Server, while CRUD operations can continue to be carried out in the database or directly in BCDB via TCP or HTTP/s calls. The app server, database, blockchain component, and BCDB core are replicated on multiple nodes, ensuring immutability and decentralization, alongside all other features of BCDB.

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Node Components

Every node contains several software modules, each serving a different purpose in the data processing lifecycle, including database and blockchain connectivity, network synchronization, permissions, and other functionalities. A node can be full, partial or private as set up by the admin, depending on who has access to it and the business purpose it serves.

Network Architecture

Modex BCDB is composed of a network of nodes that are grouped into different subnetworks depending on the type of data they contain: authorization/security or data subnetworks. Each subnetwork can be divided into several smaller units based on geographical areas or other relevant logical groupings.

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To meet different project requirements and customer preferences,
we offer two deployment models.


When an entire data system needs to be secured with blockchain, we use the Embedded deployment model, which modifies your application code to integrate blockchain technology at its core, making all records and operations fully traceable and immutable and enabling all the custom-built features of BCDB.

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The lightweight, non-invasive, and quick deployment method, where the BCDB solution operates as an external data vault and only applies blockchain features to specific records selected by the data owner. The Agent monitors the database and delivers selected data to the BCDB network.