Blockchain Database

Our hybrid remote data storage system enables rapid blockchain adoption for enterprise software development and deployment.


Product Features

Offering the exact outcome that companies have been trying to achieve for years – a new way to make their data immutable and secure.


Ready-made APIs

Helping you build a secure and stable blockchain environment, saving on operations and maintenance costs, and facilitating business development while eliminating the blockchain expertise gap.

Familiar Frameworks

Minimize disruption to existing working practices across departments and providers without having to allow unrestricted access to data.


Modex Advantage

Modex BCDB adds blockchain features to customers’ existing database engines, so developers can continue to work within familiar systems while harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology.

Quick Adoption

Ready-made core functionalities are available at the back-end/storage level to add value to new and existing products, making them blockchain-ready.

Business Continuity

By adding blockchain features to database components, developers can continue to use existing systems through the integration period.

Lower Costs

No need for costly research and long development cycles. Our flexible solution helps enterprises achieve higher operational efficiency, security, and data confidence.

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Ready-made functionalities at the back-end/storage level

System Agnostic

Multiple blockchain support
Multiple databases support

Built-in Security and Compliance

Data Sync Policies
Permissions & Data Sharing
Data Ownership

High Availability & Scalability

Full / Partial / Private Node
Smart Distribution
Multiple database replication

Enhancing cybersecurity

Real-time backup
Integrity Check
Data Recovery


Have proprietary blockchains or a modified existing product

Blockchain solutions linked only to the providers’ databases and software services

Provide custom blockchain development, but lack ready-made functionalities

Heavy client on-boarding system and costly solutions

Products encapsulated by a particular service provider


Node Infrastructure

Modex BCDB is designed as a middleware that is installed between clients’ software and their existing databases, connecting them to the blockchain with minimal effort and without requiring additional training for software developers working in clients’ companies, as the platform has a similar interface to traditional databases. Modex BCDB modifies a set of connectors in order to link the database to a blockchain network, significantly enhancing storage capabilities.

modex architecture


Network Architecture

At the architectural level, Modex BCDB takes the form of a network of nodes. This computer network is grouped into subnetworks, and each subnetwork contains one or several nodes. The subnetwork type depends on the type of data stored on the nodes it contains. In the security subnetwork, all nodes contain information regarding user security keys, operating licenses, access policies, and other information related to the licensing, authentication, and authorization mechanism of users accessing the system. A data subnetwork can be divided into several subnetworks, based on geographical areas or other relevant logical groupings.

network architecture


Use Cases

Learn how blockchain technology can transform your business through real-world use cases