The UiPath Technology Alliance Program is a framework for innovation that brings together technology vendors and UiPath in order to deliver end-to-end technology and business solutions for our joint customers.


Challenge & Opportunity

UiPath has identified a significant market opportunity in the fact that its customers were asking for RPA auditing and log tampering prevention solutions. Modex BCDB is a perfect match for the UiPath Orchestrator as it can guarantee the immutability of RPA log files.


Our BCDB solution provides data security and data protection, as well as data integrity against any possible litigation. We guarantee the security of UiPath RPA logs by making them immutable, allowing log reconstruction when logs are altered by a third party, as well as real-time log backup. We also provide secured access to logs using permission-based policies and advanced encryption.


Modex joined forces with UiPath as Technology Partners to fast-track its product portfolio and enhance product capabilities with an Orchestrator plug-and-play immutable logs module, to address current and future customer needs: an efficient and easy to adopt alternative for immutable and secure RPA activity tracking.