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After working in the banking sector, Claudia made the switch to the tech world, joining Modex. Passionate about dancing, aerobics, cycling and table tennis, she tells us how she sees the tech industry, which challenges she had to overcome in her new job, but also what it takes to become a good Customer Support representative. Enjoy this new #WeAreModex interview.

We begin our chat with Claudia with a few details about her studies. “I studied for an economics degree. I started with an economic high-school, then I went to the Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchanges University and I’ve finished my studies with a Business Communication Master in English. In addition to that, for one year and a half I’ve attended a second University – The Technical Faculty of Constructions.”

From banking to the tech industry

What do banks and blockchain have in common? In Claudia’s case, a lot. “I started to work in a bank as a receptionist”, recalls our colleague. “A short while after, I got to work in a special branch of the same bank, a branch for expats only. I worked there as a receptionist, and after that I was promoted as a teller, then as an Account Manager for the clients. Combined, in the two banks where I worked I’ve offered Front Office support for more than 10 years, both for companies and individual clients. For me, the period of working in a branch for expats was a special one. During these years I also took part in some banking projects which involved the development and implementation of methods to improve internal processes, as well as the development of new products.”

Claudia joined Modex after being recommended by a customer of the second bank where she was working at that time. “He said I should come to the interview to see what the new job was about. I didn’t want to give up on my workplace; I loved what I was doing at that time and I also loved my team, so it was very hard to be convinced to change the employer and the industry. However, after three months I’ve decided to join Modex, a company specialized in blockchain technology and FinTech related products – domains which hold a lot of promise for the future.”

WhatsApp Image 2021 09 16 at 11.19.53Adapting to the challenges of a new job

Which are Claudia’s main duties at Modex? “The main task is to respond and to provide immediate resolution to the customers’ inquiries and feedback received from all of Modex’s clients, regardless of the project. I am learning something new everyday and this is exciting. The second important task is to continuously improve and update the internal working procedures of the Customer Support Department and to ensure that the CS team is respecting the flows.”

As expected, moving from banking to the tech industry provided some challenges, too. “The biggest challenge for me was to offer support from behind the screens. I was used to meeting customers every day and I thought that working for the customers without having a direct connection will be very difficult. Also, it was strange to do internal procedures because in the bank all procedures were available at a glance, I just had to follow them. It was something new for me, but I had the support of my boss to understand how to do this.”

The importance of a Customer Support department

“A Customer Support department requires teamwork”, continues Claudia. “It’s not always easy to respond from behind the screens when a customer is upset or asks difficult questions, but we owe it to them to answer honestly and to explain the situation. When we do this, it’s more likely to keep them as our customers. Without doubt, Customer Support represents an essential department for any business, regardless of the industry, a department responsible with the reputation of that brand.” At Modex, the Customer Support team shares with the other departments what’s working well, but also which are the users’ frustrations so that the problems / issues can be quickly ironed out.”

WhatsApp Image 2021 09 16 at 11.19.54 2Encouraging creativity: a cool working environment

Which were Claudia’s first impressions about the working environment at Modex? “I liked it right from the start since it was a quieter environment than banking. There, I used to work in the front office, where I was often interrupted, so in order to finish all the tasks I had to often stay after work. What I like the most in the tech industry is that you can be involved in different projects of the company, if you want. I also like the fact that I can see all stages of a product, from beginning to end; I have the chance to see how a product takes shape and how the customers will use it.”

“And there’s another important aspect”, continues Claudia. “My colleagues. I feel that I’m working with a great team and every colleague is ready to offer support when someone needs it. I can feel that every person is working with passion here, striving to be the best at what they do. Also, my colleagues have a good sense of humor. One day a colleague asked me if I could help him with a task and I said: “Yes, happy to help!” His answer was very funny because he told me that he would give me more tasks from then onwards because he wanted to see me happy every day.”

How to become a good Customer Support executive

“In order to become a good Customer Support representative, then CS Lead, patience and tact are a must! To achieve good results you need a proactive attitude, but you also have to constantly learn something new – be it from your more experienced colleagues or from dedicated courses. Value creation takes time, patience, and perseverance, and requires belief in what you do.”

“Those who want to lead a CS Department should understand that this department is a reflection of a company’s mission, vision and values. You don’t have to be a technology expert to be an effective Customer Support leader. Moreover, don’t be afraid when change comes your way. You should embrace it as it can bring unexpected growth opportunities. Last, but not least, you have to enjoy what you’re doing. You know what they say: “Hire the passion and train the skills”. If I had to take the same professional path, I would do the same things with the same passion and perseverance. So far, I loved every moment of my career, even with the challenges!”

Dancing, aerobics and discovering the world

After a hard day’s work, how do you unwind? “I like sports such as aerobics, cycling, and table tennis. I enjoy travelling all over the word, listening to music and dancing. I like dancing a lot!”

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