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Modex kicks off an interesting series of events in 2020 by participating, on January 22nd, at a Business Accelerator Launch, event organized in Iasi, Romania at FabLab and powered by BCR InnovX. Alin Iftemi, Head of Modex, will be one of the key-speakers.

Focusing on innovation and tomorrow’s technologies, FabLab Iasi will welcome all innovative entrepreneurs from Moldova region who want to expand their market and make a difference in the tech community. “From local ambitious entrepreneurs and regional leaders to fast-growing unicorns and global corporations, this is the place to boost your innovation”, state the event’s organizers. During FabLab Iasi, Alin Iftemi, Head of Modex, will speak about the time and cost-related advantages brought by blockchain – one of the Top 10 strategic technology trends in 2020 (read more here) – and how it can enhance data security – a hot issue nowadays.

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One of the driving forces behind Modex, Alin believes that Romania will become Europe’s most important tech hub. Thanks to the initiatives of young Romanian entrepreneurs, Romania could be as well-known in Europe as Silicon Valley is in the United States. However, in order for this dream of IT professionals to become a reality, we need serious involvement from every public and private entity which plays an important role in this scenario of a digital Romania.

About Modex

Modex is promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and strongly believes in a future built around blockchain. Modex offers fully integrated services designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of the blockchain and aims to make blockchain user-friendly for every single device or person. At Modex, we can innovate thanks to our incredible team of experts and we offer services for the entire blockchain technology ecosystem: Marketplace for Smart Contracts, community tools for developers and blockchain services for enterprises.

In over two years, using cutting-edge technologies and with a clear strategy, Modex has evolved from the world’s first app store for blockchain into a complex ecosystem designed for developers’ needs and enterprises looking for blockchain solutions. Our mission is to spread and facilitate the adoption of blockchain into society and to solve real-world problems using this revolutionary technology.