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On June 16th, at InnovX BCR Demo Day, Modex’s George Darie, Head of Presales, was one of the jurors in front of which 10 finalist businesses presented their ambitious projects. During the Demo Day Grinders – Reboot System Now event, Modex also awarded SELFD.ID, one of the participating companies.

Called SYSTEM REBOOT, yesterday’s InnovX BCR Demo Day marked a new beginning in the Central & Eastern Europe innovation realm. The event saw “the graduation” of the GRINDERS cohort, “who will forever remain part of the community”. Over the course of two sessions, the 10 businesses had a three minute pitch and a five minute Q&A session, after which the jurors announced the winners.

The participating start-ups were: PAID Analytix, Profluo, SELFD.ID, Veelancing, Investory, Comarket, Complice, Sitter 3minutesjob and SOUNDWAVES. The jury was represented by: Bianca Olimpia Spiridon – Head of Risk and Finance Project Management BCR, Bogdan Speteanu – Head of Corporate Products BCR, Sorin Visan – Executive Director IT Solutions BCR, Thomas Kolarik – COO BCR, George Darie – Head of Presales Modex, Rumen Iliev – Partner LAUNCHub Ventures, Bartosz Lipnicki – Founder and Managing Partner Alfabeat.

SELFD.ID awarded by Modex

During the event, Modex awarded SELFD.ID for their innovative solutions. The special award includes a full BCDB Enterprise Licence + support for 3 years, as well as Technical & Business consulting hours provided by Modex’s blockchain technology experts.

WhatsApp Image 2021 06 17 at 10.05.41

SELFD.ID is a full-stack verifiable credential platform that helps businesses integrate the latest digital identity standards. The platform targets a wide range of users, companies of all sizes and public institutions, as it allows quick integration with existing software solutions such as those used for user authentication, complex interactions of requesting or issuing digital credentials, or exchanging encrypted messages. Together with key partners in both public and private sectors, SELFD.ID is creating new opportunities for interaction between institutions, companies and people.

Ten alumni at InnovX BCR Grinders cohort

The 10 alumni of the Grinders group were selected by InnovX BCR from a total of 192 companies who enlisted to join the acceleration program. Of these, 19 start-ups entered the program, 10 obtained the title of alumni and have entered the post-acceleration phase. The 10 alumni are start-ups that present solutions and technologies in various fields: financial education, artificial intelligence, music application, digital identity, nanny service, blockchain, document digitization, digital B2B marketplace, jobs or business platform of experiential gifts.