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On September 9-10, Future Banking 2020 will offer over 10 hours of debates, keynote speeches and useful webinars, as well as insights related to FinTech, payments, digital banking and blockchain. Laura Manescu, Chief Development Officer at Modex, will be one of the speakers on September 9th.

The biggest event on digital banking & FinTech in the Romanian market, Future Banking 2020 will focus on digitization and innovations from the banking sector and the payments sphere. On September 9th, beginning at 11:05 Eastern European Time, Laura Manescu will be one of the speakers in the panel “5 digital questions for banks & FinTechs”.

In order to survive, banks are starting to act like tech companies, begging the question: What is more efficient for them: creating the technology in-house, establish partnerships with FinTechs or buy the technology (White Label) from various suppliers such as Modex? Laura will share her views on that together with Andreea Porojan (Raiffeisen Bank) and Ștefan Pătra (Tremend), while also offering some FinTech related insights drawing from her extensive experience acquired in this industry.

Other topics to be discussed are related to the technologies which will reshape the banking sector in the next 5 years, the required skills needed when companies recruit people for digital transformation processes, the user experience and the overall experience offered by FinTech and blockchain companies to their clients, as well as the impact of companies on the users of financial services and the ways in which their lives can be changed for the better. In addition, the panel speakers will share their thoughts on the aspects that matter the most when a client decides to use a Mobile Banking solution, for instance: the cost of operations, UX and UI, support area, the app’s stability, etc.

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Laura Manescu’s extensive experience in software development and banking laid the foundation for a thrilling and unique style of management that enables her to oversee the creation and implementation of innovative products for the FinTech ecosystem. Laura joined the Moneymailme startup in September 2016 as Technical Project Manager. Since then, she completely restructured the internal workflow of the team, affirming herself as a key pillar of the company.

With over 13 years of experience in software product development and the financial industry, Laura is now interested in blockchain’s phenomenal potential in banking as well as new disruptive technologies that can be integrated into the fintech solutions created by the company. Passionate about acting, reading and movies, Laura ranks among the top women in the tech industry.

About Modex

Modex is promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and strongly believes in a future built around blockchain. Modex offers fully integrated services designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of the blockchain and aims to make blockchain user-friendly for every single device or person. In over two years, using cutting-edge technologies and with a clear strategy, Modex has evolved from the world’s first app store for blockchain into a complex ecosystem designed for developers’ needs and enterprises looking for blockchain solutions. Our mission is to spread and facilitate the adoption of blockchain into society and to solve real-world problems using this revolutionary technology.