Multiple Databases Support

Due to its unique agnostic architecture, Modex BCDB comes with a plug and play approach to the blockchain engines and database systems a client can choose for their business.

When a client decides to switch to another database system, all the pre-existing database records need to be migrated to the new database. To achieve this, the information needs to pass through our BCDB system and our migration tool. This process can also be performed through a direct migration if the data structure is kept the same.

Modex BCDB comes with an inbuilt multiple databases support which unlocks a new layer of benefits, as it challenges our perception of business collaboration.

In a supply chain scenario built on a blockchain network, a manufacturer can have a node connected to a MongoDB database, and communicate, verify, and trace the inventory of a vendor who uses an SQL database. This is one area where Modex BCDB excels, ensuring inter-database communication between different parties that use different database technologies, over a secure, tamper-proof, blockchain-powered ecosystem.

multiple databases

This layer of flexibility can prove to be invaluable to a consortium network, where multiple companies can synchronize their databases, without requiring to change their database providers.

As a result, the system becomes database agnostic, which implies that Oracle, IBM, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL databases can synchronize with each other. By positions itself between the client’s application and database, without altering data entries to facilitate communication with different types of databases, Modex BCDB gives all the actors involved access to a secure blockchain ecosystem in which they can conduct business while reducing overhead and friction points.

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