Oracle Developer

Oracle Developer represents an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) created especially to work with SQL (Structured Query Language) in Oracle databases.

This is a free of charge product, released by the American corporation Oracle, using the Java Development Kit. Prior to the initial version, launched in March 2006, the product was called Raptor. Since its release, 30 versions and updates were released, the latest on December 2019.

Previous versions of Oracle Developer supported different third-party plug-ins that allowed users to connect it to non-Oracle databases. Therefore, it used to work with IMB DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, Amazon Redshift, and Teradata databases. However, only Oracle products are currently supported. Orange Developer supports automatic tabs, code insight, bracket matching, as well as syntax coloring for PL/SQL.


Nowadays, the Oracle Developer components consist of the OWA (Oracle Web Agent, also known as MOD_PLSQL), which is an extension module for the Apache web server. It enables users to set up a dynamic webpage from the PL/SQL included by the Oracle Developer.

Oracle Developer allows the following extensions:

  • new features (GeoRaptor, Insider, Schema Visualizer);
  • integration with other Oracle products (SQL Developer Data Modeler);
  • integration with other products (Red Gate – Deployment Suite for Oracle, JDBCWizard, Method R Trace, Digger, and SVCO Extension).

The following releases of Oracle Developer were notable, in terms of updates or special requirements:

  • version 3.2 (released in August 2012) – APEX listener administration, UI enhancements, 12c database support;
  • version 4.1.2 (released in October 2015) – requires Java 8;
  • version 17.2 (released in July 2017) – new version numbering system, with year.quarter used.

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