Why partner up with Modex?

Accelerate your business growth and gain a competitive advantage with our cutting-edge blockchain solutions. The Modex Partner Program is a collaborative ecosystem for building and supporting solutions that grow revenue and enrich the customer experience.


Accelerate growth

Strengthen your business by accessing the highly competitive and rapidly-growing blockchain enterprise solutions market.


Drive innovation

Get access to relevant technical information and marketing resources to provide best-in-class solutions to customers.


Unlock new benefits

The better you perform, the higher you climb in the Program. Each level unlocks a new range of incentives and rewards.

Find a Modex Partner

See who we’ve worked with so far, find out how a collaboration works, and apply to become a Partner.



Seed Partners are building go-to-market activities with Modex’s help in order to adequately address customer challenges. They have full access to technical information, collateral materials, and marketing resources, which help them build best-in-class blockchain solutions.

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Advanced Partners have a significant market presence in strategic areas for Modex, as well as complementary expertise, allowing them to engage in joint go-to-market, sales, and development activities. Some may choose to resell Modex products as part of integrated solutions.


Elite Partners are iconic IT companies making major investments in joint go-to-market solutions and delivering industry-leading solutions. This partnership drives measurable revenue for both the Partner and Modex. Some may choose to resell Modex products as part of integrated solutions.

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